Bulle, Gruyères, Charmey, Moléson, Col du Jaun, Vevey, Lake of Geneva....

From La Buchille you may undertake a great variety of excursions. Here are some suggestions:

Hikes from La Buchille

  • Circle tour to the Etang de Bugnon (2 h)
  • Circle tour to le Prarys via gorge de Gérignoz (2h)
  • To Marsens village via gorge de Gérignoz (45min)
  • Circle tour Le Gibloux via camping & pool Sorens (3h)

Bike tours from La Buchille

  • Etang de Bugnon (15min)
  • Bulle (20min)
  • Lac de Gruyère beach in Morlon (20min)
  • Vevey by the lake of Geneva via Châtel St. Denis (2h)

More strenuous hikes

  • Circle tour Lac de la Gruyère
  • Moléson (from Moléson village)
  • Gorge de la Jogne (Broc-Charmey)
  • La Vounetze (from Charmey)


  • Gruyères, historical town, castle and cheese dairy
  • Chocolate factory Nestlé in Broc
  • Bulle, Musée gruyèrien, market on Thursday
  • Roman temple in Marsens


  • Lac de la Gruyère: Beaches in Morlon and Gumefens
  • Pools in Bulle and Broc; small pool in Sorens Camping
  • Les Bains de Charmey (and spa)
  • Vevey on the lake of Geneva

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